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Every donation provides nutritious food for hungry children, seniors and families. When you donate to Share A Meal, your contributions are put to work helping build a world without hunger.

You can help save lives during emergencies, give children meals at schools, or provide seniors and other vulnerable populations with meals at their doorsteps. We simply can't do any of this without your support. Donate today.

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Getting started is as easy as clicking donate. Every dollar you donate or raise increases your lifetime impact.

Launch a fundraising
campaign with us

Get started and invest in a world without hunger with your own personal fundraiser. Encourage your family, friends, colleagues, or community to donate funds so we can share meals locally, or across the globe. Have some fun, be creative and start the conversation about hunger and our role in ending it.

Let this generation be the ones to proudly say, “We’re the ones who conquered hunger!”


Reach out to our Executive Director, M. Firaaz Azeez to learn more about joining the Share A Meal movement to end world hunger.

Partner with us

We are thrilled to work with local, national, and international businesses and organizations in the fight against hunger. We are all united in the belief of a world without hunger.

Here are some of the ways you and your team can become involved with Share A Meal: Make a corporate donation - One of the most effective ways for you to have an impact is to make an unrestricted gift—either in one lump sum or a recurring pledge. Build a cause-related campaign - People feel better about their purchases when they know they are supporting a worthwhile cause. We can work with you to build a campaign that’s fulfilling.

Engage and motivate staff - People want to help others and are motivated when they can get involved locally and affect change globally. With a workplace giving program, your company can affect global change. Explore a strategic partnership - Confronting the hunger pandemic of this scale requires innovation.

Kindly reach out to our Executive Director, M. Firaaz Azeez to learn more.

Sponsor a Project

We are involved in a number of food projects locally in Canada, as well as globally.

Kindly reach out to our Executive Director, M. Firaaz Azeez to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Legacy Giving

We would be pleased to explore your charity giving goals and discuss how Share A Meal or other projects may fit into your legacy plans.

Schedule a virtual chat with our Executive Director, M. Firaaz Azeez

Restaurants and
other Food Partners

Our restaurants and food partners are engaged in their communities and care deeply about food insecurity and its effects on the vulnerable. They choose to partner with Share A Meal to make an impact and give back, in a way that fits their business – sharing wholesome meals with people! We also raise awareness for hunger issues as well as our partner restaurants through a number of marketing channels.

We hope you will fiercely support our partner restaurants, and continue to enjoy their delicious food knowing that they care about not only their own business, but also for the community and world they live in.

Are you a restaurant that wants to get involved in the fight against hunger? Send our Executive Director, M. Firaaz Azeez a quick message and we will get back to you.

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